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Walking In The Fire

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Kabbalistic kavanot (prayer meditations) from authoritative, classical sources are now explained in a simple way, never before made available in English.

One will actually be able to learn the Kavanot and use them with understanding.

Included in this work are the kavanot for the Mikveh, Talit, Tefillin, Tefilat Shaharit (daily morning prayers) and the entire kavanot of the Merkava, as outlined by the Ben Ish Hai and the Ari'zal.

This work also includes practical teachings how to use the Prophetic Kabbalah system of Avraham Abulafia.

Also included here are dream questions, Goralot (questions to Heaven), help in finding one's soul-mate, an invocation for wisdom from the Book of Raziel, Kabbalistic prayers for financial prosperity, prayers for spiritual and physical protection, and many other yihudim, prayers and meditations, all from classical Torah sources.

Walking in the Fire includes meditative practices for many different purposes, for clarity of thought, uniting with HaShem, and even a meditation to assist one in losing weight. This book is designed to explain deep and profound Kabbalistic concepts easily and simply, enabling any reader, at every level to grasp insights, and then to put them into practice to improve one's life and level of Torah observance.

There is something here for everyone, from beginners along the Torah path, to accomplished Talmidei Hakhamim.

This is a book about Torah and Mitzvot and how one can find and embrace the Neshama (soul) of Torah, fulfilling the Halakha of Devekut; to teach you about the spiritual fire and how one walks within it, without being burned.

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