"Animal House" The good, the bad, & the bovine PLUS Cowboys & Critters

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RANGE's "Animal House" only $50
The good, the bad, & the bovine (reg. $44) & "Cowboys & Critters" (reg. $45) $89 Value!

NEW BOOK! The good, the bad, & the bovine (Reg. $44). Preorder now for only $33! Tales from the archives of RANGE. In 25 years we've seen a lot. Some beautiful and inspirational, some downright mean and ugly, And, of course, those cows...and horses and sheep and other critters. We combed through everything printed in 100 RANGE magazines and a lot that was left out. Now the best is all in one big, colorful hardback volume. 9"x11", 176 pgs.

Cowboys & Critters (Reg. $45)
Our 13th hardback features works by some of the best ranch and wildlife photographers in the country. It is a photographic tribute to ranching, sprinkled with essays penned by award-winning writers and by those who live and work on the land. It will take the reader past the corrals and beloved horses and dogs to the extraordinary critters that share a rancher's world. 186 photos from 65 photographers and 19 short stories from 11 writers. 9"x11", 160 pgs.

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