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Marketing Package

Item Number: 1507110000002136247
Price: $1764.35


Sub Total: $1,633.66
ID 8%: $130.69
Grand Total: $1,764.35


Custom Data List - Name, address, email where available, 100% phones. Pre-NOD's, NOD's, Absentee owners, Vacant
properties, Tax delinquencies and Free/clear properties. = 3334

Includes email marketing: Emailing 1x to all available email addresses and includes email creative and delivery report.

Snap Pack Mailers - Direct mail snap pack: pressure sealed mailer 8x11 size. Full custom design, postage. Printed and delivered
to post office within 2 business days of approved design. Estimated delivery time 5-7 mail days. = 3334

Live Transfer System - Includes 1667 minutes, set up, recordings and online account

Geography - Parkland, FL

Package offer: Purchase a total of 10,000 records, snap pack mailers, email marketing and live transfers broken up into 3 parts.


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