DeGERM-inator (R) Portable UV SANITIZERS  
Spectroline (R) DeGERM-inator (TM) DG/2 Portable UV SANITIZER
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CDC Recognizes Germicidal UV-C as an effective method for killing the Ebola virus!

In a recent comparison test of the most popular germ killing UV wand devices, the DeGERM-inator (TM) Portable UV Sanitizer by Spectroline (R) was the clear winner. The tests concluded the DeGERM-inator is the fastest and most effective germ-killing UV wand on the market.
Despite its compact size, with its 5 watt FLUORESCENT UV output and patented reflector, DeGERM-inator TRIPLES the UV intensity and the germ-stopping power of even the largest of the competitive wands that use low powered, slow "capillary" style UV tubes. What's more, the competitive UV wands produce a "range of UV light" only a small segment of which is "safe germicidal" light. DeGERM-inator concentrates its power at the precise, optimum germicidal UV wavelength of 253.7nm (nano-meters). Because of its laboratory-grade engineering and design, DeGERM-inator is far faster at killing common germs, including cold and flu viruses, and destroying allergens, molds and spores than ANY UV wand on the market. DeGERM-inator works in SECONDS....not minutes!

DID YOU KNOW? Some of the most widely retailed "so-called" germ killing wands were found to produce ozone, (a toxic gas that can irritate the eyes and throat),and some did not produce the correct germicidal UV wavelength (254nm) needed to kill or deactivate germs effectively. Beware of these "knock-offs" that are mass produced offshore! These units, available in catalogs and retail stores may have a "sharp image" and fancy packaging, but most are useless at killing germs.

The DeGERM-nator was the FIRST UV sanitizing "wand" and it is still the best you can get. Why? Because like all Spectroline (R) UV lamps, the DeGERM-inator (TM) is "professional grade" and made in the USA.

The newly re-engineered and PATENTED DeGERM-inator(TM) DG/2 Portable UV SANITIZER is the second generation of our breakthrough personal and family hygiene product. Used as directed, it kills or renders harmless most microorganisms in under 5 seconds, effectively disinfecting pre-cleaned surfaces and objects. It deactivates VIRUSES, such as Influenza, Poliovirus and Hepatitus, BACTERIA such as Streptococcus and staphylococcus, including MRSA, and many other pathogens IN SECONDS...without the use of toxic, chemical disinfectants! It really is the ULTIMATE GREEN sanitation technology!!!

The new DeGERM-inator (tm) Portable UV SANITIZER features over 3 times the germ-killing power of our original personal sanitizer, operates on 4 AA Alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries and comes with an ac adapter for extended use. The DeGERM-inator will disinfect any pre-cleaned (no gross soils) object or hard surface on which germs may be a problem around the home, office or in any environment. It can also sterilize toothbrushes, cooking and eating utensils, baby's toys and nursery surfaces and it kills the germs on food preparation surfaces, too.

The DeGERM-inator can also purify a glass of clear drinking water....literally in seconds!! Use it at home, in school, at the office or while traveling to prevent picking up viable germs from objects or surfaces you or your loved ones must touch. To protect yourself and your family from contracting disease or illnesses, there is no faster or more effective way than by using the patented DeGERM-inator (tm) Portable UV SANITIZER. And for folks who need to avoid or limit the use of toxic chemical cleaners and disinfectants, the DeGERM-inator is an excellent alternative. It is the ultimate "green" disinfectant. Replacement UV tubes are available here. Full one year factory warranty included.
Don't settle for foreign made imitations...the DeGERM-inator is the original UV sanitizer, invented by RestAssured (TM) and built by Spectroline (R) and it is the ONLY UV Sanitizer made in the USA.

Authorized Master Distributor for Spectroline(R) UV Lamps and Equipment and Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation. KESAir Technologies and Akida Holdings AiroCide(R) brands.

185 Oberlin Avenue North,  Lakewood, NJ 08701

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