SANIDYNE (TM) UV Room & Area Sanitizer from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp.  

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Item Number: AUV-ZN30/0081
Price: $1195.00


The Zenith TM ultraviolet meter is
a sensitive, hand-held, ultraviolet radiometer used to verify the intensity
of ultraviolet lamps as they age and to survey
rooms utilizing air sanitizers to
ensure that the ultraviolet radiant
exposure of personnel within the
treated area is within acceptable
The ZenithTM ultraviolet meter
provides accurate and easy-to-read
levels of intensity. A narrow-band
ultraviolet band pass filter in combination
with the photo-diode detector
makes the Zenith TM insensitive to
ambient lighting within the area
being surveyed. The Zenith TM
monitor is powered by a single 9-
volt alkaline battery and an internal
battery-saver will automatically
shut off the meter after 30 minutes
of inactivity.
The two models of the Zenith TM
ultraviolet meter are the 30-0081
and 30-0083. The 30-0081 is
preferable when the main requirement
is for safety measurements
of low-level radiation (below 1
micro-watt). If the 30-0083 has to
be used for low-level measurement,
the operator should ensure
that the meter is not reading some
of the longer wavelength ultraviolet
light radiated by fluorescent lamps
in the measurement area. Switch
off any fluorescent lamps that may
interfere with the required measurements while using.

Authorized Master Distributor for Spectroline(R) UV Lamps and Equipment and Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation. KESAir Technologies and Akida Holdings AiroCide(R) brands.

185 Oberlin Avenue North,  Lakewood, NJ 08701

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