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VP SEF94 - 5 Gallon Can

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Item Number: VP SEF94-5
Price: $73.00


SEF94 - for Faster, Easier, More Dependable Starts:
SEF94 Small Engine Fuel is a 94 octane unleaded fuel that provides easier, quicker
starts for chain saws, generators, leaf and snow blowers, and any other portable
gasoline-powered equipment used for work or play.

No Ethanol
Street gasoline containing ethanol often makes such equipment difficult, if not
impossible, to start, because ethanol can absorb moisture and form deposits in
carburetors and fuel systems. SEF94 contains no ethanol, making it a much more
dependable and cost-effective solution. The unique properties of SEF94 also make
it an excellent long-term storage fuel, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits
idle for many months.

No More Frustration
Whether you're an outdoorsman, farmer, emergency worker, logger, landscaper or
rural homeowner, you know what it's like to deal with a tool that won't work when
needed and the inconvenience of costly rebuilds. With SEF94, that frustration will
be a thing of the past.

Bottom Line
SEF94 is the most dependable fuel on the market, saving you the inconvenience and
expense of costly rebuilds while ensuring your equipment will start when it's needed
at work, play or in an emergency. A $25 HAZMAT FEE will be added to the shipping costs.

Watch a short video about SEF94 here.


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