Annie's Garden


Annie's Garden Pottery and Dips
Annie's Garden started in 2000 with nine "Cool Pots" and a few special dips. It became an instant hit at craft shows across the midwest. Today we have designs for several different interests, eighteen dips plus cheesecakes and new pieces of hand thrown pottery.

We are the Orginial Annie's Garden Fruit and Vegetable Dips. We provide high quality packages of dips for that special party or "just at home" dipping.

Since the beginning we have had the Cool Pot and Platters. We continue to make only hand thrown stoneware products. All of the pieces are hand painted and designed by us. We continue to have "Cool Pots", round platters, Salad Chillers, Butter Bowls by special order. Our special is Drunken Chicken Cookers, Jalapeno Popper Cookers and our latest creation, Egg Cookers.

921 Granbakken,  Boyceville, WI 54725

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