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Prophecy Package

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Prophecy Package:

Living in the Days of Noah
Broken Covenant
Yet Once More
The Fight for America
And You Shall Know


Restoring the Kingdom

All these teachings speak to issues we are facing today as believers and particularly those of us in America.
Our country and the world is in turmoil - that's nothing new.
Yet, it seems that with each passing day we edge closer and closer to complete and utter chaos.
For believers, the important thing to know is what our Father is saying to us through the turmoil. I believe these teachings speak to that important issue.
The combined 16 hours of teaching covers a wide array of topics (you can get more detail below) and is divided into half-hour segments - perfect for Bible studies and home fellowships.

For a limited time we are offering this 6 DVD package for $99 plus s&h - a savings of $55.

Living in the Days of Noah

Yeshua said that we would know His return was near the we saw signs that were prevalent in the days just before the Flood. This teaching series delves into just what those signs are and how we can knowthat we are, indeed, living in the days of Noah.

The topics include:

Who and what were the Nefillim?
The Hale-Bopp Comet Connection
The Titanic Parallel
Much More

Approximate Running Time 3.5 hours

Yet Once More

When God spoke to Israel from Mount Sanai, scripture says that the people trembled at the sound of the voice.
Then, His voice shook the earth but the writer of Hebrews said that the Creator will speak "Yet once more" and, this time, shake Heaven and Earth.

In this teaching series, Bill seeks to better understand the implications of this pending event and explores what the coming shaking means for the world and for Believers.

In this teaching you will learn:

The importance of testing
What will survive the shaking
The significance of Philadelphia and "Brotherly Love"
and much more...

Approximate Run Time: 2hr 10min

Broken Covenant

Centuries ago, Moses warned Israel of the
dangers associated with abandoning the
covenant made with God. In Deuteronomy 31,
he foretold of a day when "Evils and Troubles"
would come upon them because God was
no longer among them.

In this DVD series, Bill explores this prophecy
and the principles embedded within it to show
how this warning may have troubling
ramifications for the U.S. specifically, recent
events in America strongly suggest that the
"Evils and Troubles" intended for wayward
Israel are also afflicting our nation.

Approximate Run Time: 3hrs

And You Shall Know

What does it mean to live in the age of redemption? It's much more than focusing on the heavenly signs and the distress on earth; it's recognizing why those things are happening. In this 2 hour presentation Bill reveals what these signs are intended to accomplish in God's people - that they would truly KNOW Him and seek His FACE, not just His hand.

In this DVD you will learn:

- The signs of redemption
- Modern parallels with the Exodus story
- The plague of locusts in our day

Approximate Running Time 2 hours

The Fight for America

Same-sex marriage, abortion and anarchy dominate the social and political landscape, yet some are of the opinion that America has recently been given the chance to be saved. In this teaching, Bill explores that possibility while pointing out what God is saying to His people in the process.

In this teaching Bill addresses:

The "House Divided"
God's Purpose For the U.S.
Recognizing the Time of Visitation
The Hezekiah Principle
Much More

Approximate Running Time 3.5 hours


Restoring the Kingdom

Just before His ascension, Yeshua's disciples asked Him a poignant question: "Will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?" In this DVD presentation, Bill explores why they asked this question and will show how this concept is spoken of repeatedly throughout Scripture and why it is relevant to believers. Furthermore, this teaching delves into the necessity of God's people being united as one - echad. As you will see this is, in fact, critical as it relates to the restoration of the kingdom.

Approximately 4 hours.

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