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Hebrew Treasures Set

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Back in the late 80's, when I first became interested in things Hebrew, it was the language that drew me in. I was fascinated with how rich and meaningful each word and every letter were. Over the years, this fascination has not abated and, consequently, I have continued to focus on the language as I endeavor to better understand the roots of my faith. I hope that you will also be just as fascinated by this incredible language as we strive together to discover the treasures contained in Hebrew.

In Hebrew Treasures, Bill explores key Hebrew words to demonstrate the richness and depth of the Holy Tongue. More than just giving definitions, these teachings show how each word is connected thematically to others and how, collectively, they help to establish Biblical principle.

In Volume 1, Bill delves into the wealth of information and meaning of each word contained in Genesis 1:1. (Approximately 2 hours)

In Volume 2, Bill delves into the following Hebrew words:
(Approximately 2 hours)

In Volume 3, Bill delves into the following Hebrew words:
(Approximately 100 minutes)

This series was first developed for our online community at where you can have access to hundreds of hours of teachings by Bill.

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