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Engraved in Stone-Written on Our Hearts

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Item Number: CD-73
Price: $40.00


These are recordings from a Shavuot Conference held in Anchorage, AK (June 2011). The emphasis of these teachings is to show-in an easy to follow and easy to swallow way- that all of the creator's instructions are for all of His people. The topics covered are presented in a manner designed to answer questions many have, when trying to reconcile what religion has taught them as opposed to what the Bible says when it comes to obedience and Law. Specifically, Bill uses Scripture to establish our identity in Messiah as part of His people, Israel, and the responsibility that goes with that identity. (Approximately 6 hrs.)

This teaching is also available for purchase for $30.00 in a downloadable format from our digital store.
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We want to advise you that the audio quality of this teaching is not as good as others items we offer. The message was recorded at a meeting and, at times, the audio quality was poor. Consequently, we have spent hours trying to enhance the quality to the best of our ability and to a level that the message can be enjoyed by the listener. While we don't think you'll be disappointed with the content of the message, we felt it prudent to acknowledge this issue. Therefore, we have priced this product accordingly in relation to other comparable resources we offer. Shalom Bill.

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