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Buffet Buster- Deer, Bird and Bunny Stopper (9 foot) - Out of Stock

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Item Number: buster9000
Price: $48.99


Sorry, this item is out of stock.

Brunch time is over for the deer, birds, and rabbits invading your vegetable garden. Protect your strawberries, lettuce, beans, carrots, cabbage and many other vegetables. Netting and frame sets up and takes down quickly, at any time during the garden growing season.

Nine foot long, barely visible Buffet Buster keeps deer, birds, and bunnies out.......period.

Galvinized 1/8" steel frame assembles quickly. Multi-strand, 1" mesh pest netting is UV protected and will last for years. Side bars slide up to work with plants and for easy harvesting.

Measures: 9' L X approximately 22"H X 27"W. Made in the U.S.A.


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