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Rock Enclosure ( 18"H X 30"L X 23"w)

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Item Number: ROCK109
Price: $98.99

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Wish you didn't have to look at that unsightly utility in your yard? You don't. Cover it with an artificial rock enclosure. It's the perfect landscaping answer.

Top-quality rock enclosures are made with an all new, textured material. This gritty, tough and variegated rock-like surface is astonishingly realistic. You'll hardly be able to tell these are fake or artificial rocks.

Your choice of colors:
RB - Riverbed - varigated brown, with rich combinations of natural dark tones and multicolor highlights.
FS - Fieldstone- a soft grey, with a rich combination of natural tones and multicolor highlights.
AB - Autumn Bluff -Sienna tones
SS - Sandstone - Tan tones

See Rock Color Samples

Includes ground anchoring stakes.

Important Note: This rock enclosure will fit a variety of utility sizes. The usuable interior size tapers somewhat, as the height increases.

Common, maximum interior measurements:
6"H X 16"L X 12"W
9"H X 11"L X 11"W
14"H X 8"L X 5"W

Exterior Measurement: 18"H X 30"L X 23"W

Made in the USA by DeKorra, from recyclable materials.

Ships via ground carrier only to the Continental U.S.


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