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ShrubGuard(TM) 8' Tree and Shrub Bag, 1/2" Mesh

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Item Number: SHRUB10008
Price: $12.79


ShrubGuard(TM) 8' Tree and Shrub Bag

Protect trees, bushes, and shrubs from weather and pest damage. Helps to prevent snow and ice from overloading a single branch. Keeps deer and rabbits from eating the branches.

8' tree bag slips easily over plants. Tie it at the base for effective protection deer and rabbits.

Lets air and light in, and is not unsightly like burlap.

Strong, lightweight, 1/2 inch, multi strand mesh with UV protection will last for years.

8' tall bag protects a 4 1/2 to 5 foot diameter by 6' tall tree or bush.


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