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Public Workshop: Secret Life of the Inner Child - Investment: $225, Deposit: $75

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A Journey into the Secret Life of the Inner Child
A Workshop for the Public with Carol Lampman and Company

While you may forget your childhood, your childhood does not forget you.
There is a child inside each of us with a story to tell. Join us to explore, heal and reclaim the child within.

Inner child work is, in one way, detective work. We have a mystery to solve. Why have I been attracted to the type of people that I have been in relationship with in my life? Why do I react in certain ways in certain situations? Where did my behavior patterns come from? Why do I sometimes feel the way I feel? This is the purpose of inner child healing - to stop letting the experiences of the past dictate how we respond to life today. It cannot be done without revisiting our childhood.

The Journey of discovering the Inner child as a healing process is the only way to empower ourselves and stop living life in reaction to the past. By healing the wounds of our inner child, we can literally change our world and the story that continues to repeat itself again and again. It is necessary to own and honor the child we were in order to love the person we are today. the only way to do that is to own that child's experiences, honor the child's feelings, and change the beliefs that the child took on while growing up.
~Adapted from Robert Burney

In this workshop, we will combine education, experiential processes, breathwork and exercises woven together to create the opportunity for change. This program is appropriate for those who desire to move into their authenticity and create a life of joy and freedom.

A variety of topics will be explored and new tools introduced as part of this program

-Use of the Breath to support Inner Child Healing.
-The Stages of Development and the Inner Child.
-Healing the Source of Fear and Shame.
-Origin of Beliefs and How to Change Them.
-Understanding of the Healthy Ego vs False Self.
-And More?.

Tuition includes all workshop supplies and snacks. Bring your own lunch.

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