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Multitool Attachment

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Item Number: MT362
Price: $229.00


As an attachment, the MultiTool turns your ordinary bench grinder into an incredibly versatile metal finishing tool.

The belt grinder has three contact options: the flat platen, the contact wheel and the slack belt. Each offers its own performance advantages.

The contact wheel removes stock at a surprising pace, but keeps the operation surprisingly cool. The platen delivers a flat reference. The slack belt conforms to contours in your work piece.
We offer the attachment in 2"x 36" only

We also offer belts for sharpening, shaping, cleaning and polishing. Belt changes take just seconds and require no tools. The face of the drive wheel also features a 7" sanding disc.

3 year manufactures warranty

Used by Blacksmiths and Knife Makers all over the USA

Bench Grinder is NOT included Just the Multitool Attachment

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